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Our company offers professional and versatile ecommerce payment solutions for e.g. webshops, game sites, dating sites as well as for other content selling sites. We are familiar with these websites’ pitfalls and potential risks, futhermore we know well the user expectations. This is the reason why we can provide payment systems that will work under any circumstances for any kinds of webpages.

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SMS payment

Payment with premium rate SMS is widely used for a long time in online payments. This is one of the oldest electronic payment method that websites apply. It’s well known and available for all, so it fits every services.

Credit card payment

To ensure proper credit card security for electronic payments is the most challenging feature where the customer can use his bank card online trustworthily. Our payment system offers credit card security your customers can trust.

Built-in PayPal

PayPal stands out of all the other payment solutions and is worldwide accepted. is integrated with PayPal as well.

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Use and integration of our payment system is as simple as ABC.


We definitely provide approved and safe payment solutions.


Time is money, you can benefit both from our electronic payment.


Our online payment solutions are clear and straightforward for everyone.


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